Monday, March 7, 2011

All those things we take for granted..

Напишу, пожалуй, на английском, дабы не дублировать на нескольких языках..

Do you know the feeling when after a great deal of pain is finally gone it seems like there is nothing more you need to feel happy? After months and months of dark cloudy skies, cold and wind you look outside the window in the morning and see the snow melting in the sunshine, feel the smell of the spring and feel like you could embrace the whole world?

What I want to write about is a simple thing also. The one we take for granted and cannot appreciate it until it is gone. The eyesight. At the moment I do not have the 100% back yet, but it already seems like something unbelievable and miraculous. In the morning I wake up and wonder if it is really like this for those who do not need glasses? You just open your eyes and you see everything? Every small detail, every wrinkle on your baby's nose when she smiles at the direct sunlight that shines from the open window? Ha! I am even happy to see every little piece of dust I used to ignore due to my -2,5 :)

I have never worn glasses since they disturb me terribly. I do believe this is more psychological than physical, but I could never get used to seeing well when you look straight ahead through the glasses and foggy peripheral vision. And the lenses.. well, my eyes do not handle them well. Did not handle them well, really. Since from now on the only aid I am going to need with my vision are the sunglasses. And those I adore :) And yeah, here is my favorite pair, too :)

The whole operation, or procedure as they call it in the clinic, is already coming back to me with some difficulties when remembering the smaller details, though it has only been like 5 days. Scary, terrifying actually once you get under the laser and the doctor starts talking you through the procedure while he is actually working on your eyesight correction. Adrenalin pumping in the veins and every hour for the next couple of days you can't help but wonder if the fog you are in is ever going to fade and the eyesight is coming back at least as much as it used to be before you took this journey.. And totally worth it once you discover you can see things you never saw or never even noticed before.

I know I am not much different from all the other people. And yes, I am also going to forget this amazing feeling. The overwhelming feeling when you just open your eyes and see everything. This "i believe i can fly" moment that I never really want to forget.

Is it possible to learn not to take all these little things for granted? Well, anyways, as a reminder to myself, I post this to my blog :)


  1. Карита, поздравляю с успешно перенесенной операцией! Очень рада за тебя! Береги теперь свои глазки!
    Кстати, я и не замечала, что у тебя со зрением проблемы были.

  2. Спасибо, Юльчик!
    У меня подружка есть, зрение у нее плохое, очки принципиально не носит. Щурится постоянно - жуть просто. Только поэтому я всегда жила по принципу "лучше не увижу чего-нибудь, чем буду так же выглядеть" :) Ну и всех всегда предупреждала, что коли я с надменным видом мимо в городе прохожу, то я просто не вижу-не узнаю :))

  3. Ой, это здорово!! Поздравляю тебя!! Желаю, чтоб с этих пор твоё зрение тебя не подводило никогда!!! А я чувствую, что мои глазки уже тоже садятся и садятся. И дикий дискомфорт..надо бы к врачу и мне.

  4. Чудесный пост! Мои самые искренние поздравления!

  5. Каритик, так живописно и вдохновенно на аглицком написала, что даж неудобно на руссише отвечать:)
    Тьфу-тьфу-тьфу, здоровья тебе, дорогой мой человечек!

  6. у меня такое же чувство было, когда линзы впервые купила! Ходила с выпученными глазами и не могла поверить, что все вижу) Поздравляю с успешной операцией!

  7. Аня, Настя, Ира, спасибо, спасибо!! Кать, спасибооо!!
    До сих пор как то нереальным все кажется :)